Broke Pipes Donít Entertain:†

Love smoking sheesha? Want to enjoy smoking and getting a hit? The quality of pipes largely impacts the enjoyment and thrill factor of smoking a Sheesha. If you want to get the most enjoyable experience out of sheesha smoking, it is imperative that the pipes and the quality of sheesha you use are very good!

Sheesha or hookah is supposed to have originated in India or Iran around fifteenth or sixteenth century. The original form of sheesha was different from its current form, the current form evolved when Europeans introduced tobacco to South Asia and Middle East. The sheesha has been popular for ages in the Arab world, Egypt and the Levant which includes the states of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine. In the recent years it has become popular among young westerners who smoke it for fun.†

Many tastes can be incorporated in Sheesha or hookah according to your liking. All you are required to do is to add the juice of your favourite flavour to the water present in the down stem and the smoke coming through it to your mouth will have the flavour.†

In the whole process of preparing Sheesha, it is important to make sure that the whole apparatus from bowl to down term to pipe is air tight and no air can escape through any part. This is the reason you should only use high quality pipes while setting up your hookah! If the pipe allows air to flow out mid way then you would not get the desired amount of smoke coming through! Moreover, the process of tobacco burning would also get slowed down, because less heat would be drawn to tobacco. Only the best quality pipes would allow you to have the consistent puffs full of flavour.

Sheesha of Shirazi, Pipes and E-Smoking

Sheesha has its origins in Iran and we have complete knowledge and understanding of the make-up of the sheesha. This is the reason pipes we provide are the best in quality because we want you to only have the best experience! We have mentioned pipes just because they are a major part of the sheesha equipment. We know you normally smoke in social gatherings and want you to make an impression among your peers and social circle! Once you use pipes and other accessories provided by us, you would only want to use our equipment. We can guarantee you that!

Some of the sheesha supplies that we provide are:

Hoses Bowls
Bases Smoke Enhancers
Stems T-Shirts
Adapters and Valves † † †† Carrying Bags and Cases
Tips and Filters Grommets
Foil Containers
Wind Covers

In addition to making sure that we have the best equipment of traditional sheesha, we are also into electronic sheesha and electronic smoking. Electronic sheesha has the same advantages of electronic cigarettes, i.e. they reduce the harmful effects of tobacco and smoke! The electronic sheesha we provide and distribute is also the best available in the market. Our electronic sheesha is very popular among people because it is safe. The electronic sheesha contains flavored water, glycerin and glycol, all of which are non toxic. We also make sure that all flavors you can enjoy in traditional sheesha are also available in our electronic one as well!

So what are you waiting for, we have the complete collection of sheesha, from traditional to electronic, just order yours as soon you can!

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I have seen my friends puffing their pipes and not getting consistent smoke through them, but I have never had to face this situation because thanks to Sheesha of Shirazi, I always had a high quality hookah!
Madison B. Tyler

My first few experiences with sheesha were not good, because there was always something inconsistent, either the flavor or the smoke. Then I got one from the Sheesha of Shirazi and since then I fully enjoy my smoking sessions!
Cyril C. Mike

I started with smoking traditional Sheesha but have now switched to the electronic one. Their stuff is absolutely the best and they have maintained quality level as well. They have a much greater variety of flavours available in electronic Sheesha as well!
Julia N. Jacob

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